Celebrating 25 years with D’Addario Strings



This month I will proudly celebrate my 25th year of endorsing D’Addario strings.

D’Addario mandolin strings are trusted by mandolin legends for their natural acoustic tone and reliable performance. They are made from the highest quality plain steel, stainless steel, nickel plated steel and phosphor bronze and are available in a wide variety of gauges.

For more information visit www.daddario.com

Mandolin Camp North

Alan traveled this month to Charlton, MA as a member of the faculty at Mandolin Camp North.  Mandolin Camp North was a three-day celebration of the mandolin, featuring instruction, demonstrations, concerts, and jamming presented by some of the best and best-known mandolinists on the planet.  They provided in-depth instruction in Bluegrass, Old Time, Blues, and Jazz/Swing styles.  Alan was honored to play on stage with one of his good buddies and a great mandolinist, Mike Compton not to mention getting to hang out with Rich Delgrasso, Don Stiernberg, and Roland White.

For more information visit: www.mandolincampnorth.com

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Hoffee Carbon Fiber Cases

Alan Bibey is proud to endorse Hoffee Carbon Fiber Cases. In just a few short years Hoffee has become the premier builder of carbon fiber cases for Mandolins, guitars and banjos. Each Hoffee Case is hand built in the USA through a state-of-the-art process using the highest quality products available. Not only are the cases beautifully crafted, but also well insulated to protect against all the bumps of a musician’s travels. For more information please visit www.carbonfibercases.com.